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Patrick's signature coaching program and community, Journey to You, is your resource to experience balance and alignment in your life through behavioral habit science, dynamic group engagement, and 1:1 coaching.



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deeper awareness, this is for you...

Do you remember the first time you upleveled? Maybe it was a graduation or a coming of age. A new job or a promotion. No matter how big or small it was…think back to that moment when your life changed....for the better.

That gut feeling you had to entertain what felt like a far-reaching dream…
But you stayed with it. You trusted your breath and your intuition. You closed your eyes and dug your heels into what you knew to be true.

Because you somehow knew what you had to do to reach your goal.

But, Lets face it...

It’s hard to hold onto your resolve and take action on your dreams every single day… especially when there’s an imbalance in your life. You’re constantly tired, stressed, and unsure of the next step in your life.

So, if you ‘ve every thought:

✔   I want to lose weight… but sticking to a diet feels like so much work.

✔   I dream about being the best version of “me”… but where do I even start?

✔   I wish I could wake up every morning feeling excited for the day ahead. 

✔   I have big ideas and plans for my future… but putting them into action feels impossible

… You are not alone. And you’re in exactly the right place to jumpstart your journey to reaching your goals with efficiency and ease.

 How Patrick Can Help

Journey to You

An Exceptional Experience

When you join the Journey to You community you’re getting a map to a healthier and more balanced you. By making this commitment you’ll deepen your connection with yourself and experience acceleration in the positive changes you’re seeking.


When you join the Journey To You community, you’re making a commitment to yourself to learn practical and simple steps to transform your visions into reality. You’ll learn how to cultivate that relationship with your own inner wisdom.


You’ll be in a community of people who are making similar changes, therefore, accelerating the pace of your own transformation. Faster transformation means dreams becoming reality faster.


One of the first things we do in Journey to You is to get clear on what your deeper dreams really are. In this one-year program, you’ll define and align with your values, you’ll automate healthy habits, and start to experience dynamic balance, rhythm, and ease in your life.


Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen fast when you’re in a dynamic group of other committed and curious individuals who are making the same changes in their life as you are.


The best athletes, artists and entrepreneurs in the world have coaches. Using deep listening, dynamic group coaching, and behavioral science behind habit automation, Patrick will guide you to connect to your true self through actionable steps for lasting, aligned change in your daily life.


In Journey to You you’ll have access to a private FB group, unlimited yoga and meditation content from Patrick, weekly live group coaching calls, bi-weekly 1:1 coaching with Patrick, as well as access to the an entire resource hub with ayurvedic and behavioral science videos, articles and worksheets to support you on your journey.

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Patrick Heffernan

Student of life, seeker of truth and lover of laughs – Patrick is your coach and guide for Journey to You.

He takes teachings from ancient traditions like ayurveda and yoga that he’s received from his teachers and then communicates the wisdom back to you in an accessible and relevant way. With over 500 hours of certified yoga teacher training instruction Patrick has a breadth and depth of knowledge in eastern philosophy, western psychology, physical anatomy and spirituality. He lives by an “always be learning/always be experiencing” motto and uses creativity and self-inquiry to promote healing in the spaces he holds.

Hours of Certified Yoga Teacher Instruction


Patrick has a breadth and depth of knowledge in eastern philosophy, western psychology, physical anatomy, and spirituality.

Hosted as a conversationalist

Featured Speaker

In March 2021 Patrick was hosted as a conversationalist by the Co-Creators Convergence weekly call. “Co-Creators Convergence is a Barbara Marx Hubbard legacy group dedicated to giving our unique gift to the shift in Humanity thereby co-creating a world that works for everyone. We do this with great love, compassion, and joy, honoring all realms of Creation, to accelerate the awakening of Humanity.”

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Over the Course of One Year You’ll Experience:


Increased Mobility

Develop a compact, flexible body with unlimited access to Patrick’s yoga content, including Journey to the Peak Immersions with Shawna Emerick.

Mental Clarity

Weekly meditations with Patrick that use mindfulness to train your mind into the present moment.

Expansive Awareness

Widen circles of compassion for self and others and increase your capacity to know what is true.

Depth in Your Relationships

When you prioritize your self-care, everyone around you benefits.

Space in Your Mind

Experience less thoughts, more space.

Lightness in Your Body

Reach your optimal body weight.

Better Sleep

Learn habits that promote deep sleep, which in turn promotes sustainable energy throughout the day

Healthy Digestion

Eat whole foods and nourishing fats that stabilize your blood sugar and familiarize yourself with your bodies digestive rhythms

Sustainable Energy Levels

You’ll start to prioritize quality over quantity and discern what mental, emotional and physical bandwidth you have to work with to live each day to its full potential.

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“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

Kara Lucas  ~  Yoga Instructor

“If we are to create a more peaceful world, made up of peaceful individuals, we need a greater concern for others. Altruism. That gives inner strength, self-confidence.”

Alex Cohen  ~  Life Coach

How You'll Grow

Imagine… meeting every major crossroads in your life with clarity. Trusting your own inner wisdom to guide you, no matter what. Not second guessing yourself.

Meeting the moment and receiving the energy of new possibilities before you… and reaching your goals through clear, efficient steps with ease.

Value of the Offer

The immersive combination of 1:1 attention with dynamic group coaching and community engagement is a formula for one thing: RESULTS. Results are valuable but the price tag of working with a life coach, joining a gym and paying for a diet plan, acquiring more knowledge….it can add up. People pay tens of thousands of dollars to work with coaches who aren’t cross-trained in powerful holistic practices, like yoga and Ayurveda, that really deepen your growth.

When you join Patrick, you’re getting a synthesis of wisdom that combines behavioral habit science, neuroscience, physical fitness, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda, group coaching, and MORE to accelerate your transformation for a fraction of the cost of other programs.

What You Get

Journey To You gets you the results you’re seeking. We work together in a grounding, accessible way so that you can reach your goals and deepen your relationship with yourself – your desire, passion, curiosity, purpose, and more.

Automating Healthy Habits

We do it by automating healthy habits. When a habit is automated it means you don’t need to think twice about doing it – like brushing your teeth or making your bed in the morning. Patrick helps break it down into the smallest, most achievable, and incremental steps to demonstrate to you how real change and transformation is not only possible, but it feels really good.

Enrich Your Life

Whether you’re new to yoga, ayurveda or mindfulness or you already have some experience – you get all the love and guidance you need from Patrick to enrich your life with the power of yoga and habit automation.

Habits That Heal

  • Learn, integrate and automate the 10 habits of Dinacharya in 12 weeks and start to experience ease in your body and clarity in your mind.
  • Dina = Day. Charya = Rhythm. Therefore, dinacharya can be thought of as “rhythm of the day”.
  • As you’re introduced to the habits, week by week, your days are going to start feeling more manageable, conflicts less stressful, rest more rejuvenating and life more fulfilling.
  • Text for course: Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Body and Your Life – 10 Habits From Ayurveda and Yoga 
  • Course includes access to Body Thrive online resource hub

Yoga and Meditation Library

  • Unlimited access to the best of Patrick’s recorded online yoga classes meditations
  • Access to Journey to the Peak monthly immersion with Shawna Emerick
  • Weekly live meditation with Patrick
  • Access to weekly Mindfulness Sitting Group
  • BONUS – one FREE Mindfulness Writing group hosted by Patrick for you and five friends/family!

Power of Dynamic Group

  • You’ll experience results faster working in a community where other people are working toward the same results you are.
  • Each week you’ll have space to share, process, and listen as the community grows together.
  • Get laser coaching from Patrick in weekly calls.
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching gyms with Patrick.
  • Private FB community forum with guidelines and values for dynamic groups.
  • Option to work with a partner in the group for support and accountability.

“Patrick contrasts the world of Contemporary Guru and social media influencer that can feel loud and performative and make me feel inundated with a "how to get better" message.  Working with Patrick has provided me a space for nuance and I don't know.  I've gained the confidence to take more time and to expand into more creative ways thinking and being."

David Rogers

“Studying with Patrick I feel lighter on my feed during the day, clearer in my mind and more in touch with and compassionate about not only what is around me, but what is inside of me."

Todor Arsov

“During Patrick's classes I feel supported, grounded, challenged and in the present moment.  Practicing regularly with him encourages me to become my best self.  Patrick's teaching helps me find mental clarity & balance in the practie, which I can then carry off the mat to help me dance more smoothly through the ebbs and flows of life."

Lucas (he/him)

Together We Start the Journey To You

The availability of the positions is largely dependent on Patrick's time management and energy. So, only a very limited number of positions will be available. 

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In addition to the content mentioned above, Patrick will also deliver extra customized products for all participants.

Yoga Instruction

One (1) 60 minutes private yoga insturction with Patrick (live or in Zoom)


Japanese Tea

Two (2) Live Japanese Tea Ceremony Tickets - {bring one friend!} Practice mindfulness and cultivate appreciation for beauty in a social and intentional setting. If you’re able to attend live in NYC, Patrick will provide you with a template to host your own Mindfulness Tea.

Mindfulness Sitting Group

One (1) Mindfulness Sitting Group or Community Circle that Patrick will host for you and 6 guests (family, friends, co-workers, etc)


Habit Resource Kit

One (1) Welcome “Habit Resource Kit” Gift Bag from Patrick that will be your toolbox for transformation.

A Whole New Journey in Front of You Journey To You

JOURNEY TO YOU is a one-year program to support you in stepping into the best version of yourself every day. In one year you will:

Align with your purpose
Connect to your own wisdom
Deepen your relationships
Tap your creativity
Automate healthy habits
Balance your nervous system
Thrive in your body


10 spots ONLY @ $3,600.00

Quality Over Quantity

After you order, you’ll get an email from Patrick with:

Registration Details

The full guidance of the registration, and all the potential programs of the whole Journey.

Private Invitation

Invite to join the private Journey to You FB group.

Programming Calendar

Calendar of weekly coaching calls, monthly workshops and other programming.

Reflection Template

Reflection prompts and templates to start you on your journey.

Includes access to ALL Patrick's ONLINE yoga sessions in Journey to the Peak and select IN-PERSON classes


5:30 - 6:30 PM EDT
Men's Yoga
With Patrick


6:00 - 6:45 PM EDT
Vinyasa with All Levels
with Shawna


7:00 - 8:00 AM EDT
Morning Yin
With Patrick 


9:00 - 10:15 AM EDT
Strong Flow with Patrick


10:00 - 11:30 AM EDT
Vigorous Vinsaya
With Shawna

4:00 - 5:00 PM EDT
Gentle Restorative
With Shawna


9:00 - 10:30 AM EDT
Sunday Morning Special
With Patrick + Shawna   

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