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My name is

Patrick Heffernan

More and more in answering the question of “who am I” I use this phrase: I am divinity, having a human experience. 

The more I say it, the more I believe it. I’m grateful that yoga gave me that. It’s a context and a framework that supports me in every circumstance; in every relationship; in every moment. It might be the deepest thing yoga has given me – far more than any arm balance or inversion. As much as I dig the asana practice, it feels important for me to be really clear about one thing in my yoga page: YOGA MEANS UNION. 

So, who else am I?



It’s the role that I hold closest to the heart of my identity. I believe that healing is best defined as the process of becoming whole again. I think that healing is a lifelong process. I believe that we can heal ourselves and I believe that we can heal each other.


I’m an actor, singer, dancer, dance-maker, theatre-maker, artist. I’ve directed and choreographed full musical productions and also created, conceived, and collaborated on live performance pieces that use text and movement. I think of my life and my experience as a human as my story. A huge part of my work revolves around not only reading and knowing what my story has been, writing and imagining my story could be, but above all – living and experiencing what my story is in each present moment.


I believe education and learning to be a fundamental part of my experience and I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others. I teach tap dance. I teach theater. I’ve taught as an adjunct faculty member at Wagner College (my alma mater) and I’ve worked as a volunteer-teaching artist with high school students, in Florida, children in India, as well as under-served youth communities in NYC.



I completed my 200 hr yoga teaching certification at Sadhana Yoga Studio (Hudson, NY), led by Sondra Loring and Raghunath. More recently I've completed Matt Giordano's online 300 hr training and also took a 50 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark through Yoga International.

I like to blend anatomically precise posturing and biomechanics with creative and thematic sequencing. I weave dharma, bhakti and a sense of humor into my teaching and I invite students to get curious about their experience with yoga on and off the mat. I'm passionately committed to breaking down the oppressive structures at play in the mind/body experience, individually and collectively, and I seek to illuminate the light, unity, peace and joy that are in every body.



What do I coach? Health, wellness, lifestyle, mindset. In 2022 I officially became certified as a Yoga Health Coach under Cate Stillman's curriculum at 

Coaching comes natural to me. It's asking questions. It's meeting you where you're at and helping you get where you're going. It's seeing your potential when maybe you can't see it yet. Ever watch Ted Lasso? I do for you what that dude did the Richmond Football Club. 

When you're coaching with me I'll get you in touch with your values, your purpose and your vision. From there we strategize on goals and break those goals down into practical steps that help you take aligned action. Get ready to meet your future self...

Matter Over Mind:  Overriding the Negativity Bias

Check out my latest online webinar! You'll learn all about what "negativity bias" is and how you can use practical somatic techniques to tap back into that positive/growth mindset that serves your evolution. Just drop your name and email below! 


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