Journey to You
Journey to the Peak
My name is

Patrick Heffernan

More and more in answering the question of “who am I” I use this phrase: I am divinity, having a human experience. 

The more I say it, the more I believe it. I’m grateful that yoga gave me that. It’s a context and a framework that supports me in every circumstance; in every relationship; in every moment. It might be the deepest thing yoga has given me – far more than any arm balance or inversion. As much as I dig the asana practice, it feels important for me to be really clear about one thing in my yoga page: YOGA MEANS UNION. (I wanted to make my domain name, but it’s been purchased by some domain name brokerage and they’re trying to sell it for $3,330, so I settled on for now).

So, who am I?

👉  I live in a white body.

👉 I grew up in a middle-class home in Mission Viejo, CA.

👉  I came out as gay in high school, but probably more so identify as queer at this stage of my life.

👉  I use he/him/his pronouns.

👉  I moved to New York City in 2011 and have called Washington Heights, in upper Manhattan, my home since 2016.

I'm a Healer

It’s the role that I hold closest to the heart of my identity. I believe that healing is best defined as the process of becoming whole again. I think that healing is a lifelong process. I believe that we can heal ourselves and I believe that we can heal each other.

I'm a Story-Teller

I’m an actor, singer, dancer, dance-maker, theatre-maker, artist. I’ve directed and choreographed full musical productions and also created, conceived, and collaborated on live performance pieces that use text and movement. I think of my life and my experience as a human as my story. A huge part of my work revolves around not only reading and knowing what my story has been, writing and imagining my story could be, but above all – living and experiencing what my story is in each present moment.

I'm a Teacher

I believe education and learning to be a fundamental part of my experience and I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others. I teach tap dance. I teach theater. I’ve taught as an adjunct faculty member at Wagner College (my alma mater) and I’ve worked as a volunteer-teaching artist with high school students, in Florida, children in India, as well as under-served youth communities in NYC.

I Teach Yoga!


I completed my 200 hr yoga teaching certification at Sadhana Yoga Studio (Hudson, NY), led by Sondra Loring and Raghunath. I like to blend anatomically precise posturing and biomechanics with creative and thematic sequencing. I weave dharma, bhakti and a sense of humor into my teaching and I invite students to get curious about their experience with yoga on and off the mat. Passionately committed to breaking down the oppressive structures at play in the mind/body experience, individually and collectively, and I seek to illuminate the light, unity, peace and joy that are in every body.

Matter Over Mind:  Overriding the Negativity Bias